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Who Are The Guests?

-Are you a company looking for a serviced accommodation to house your contractors with a first class customer service and also offers quality accommodation? Then, look no further!

-Are you a contractor for the same reason as above? Then, look no further!

– Are you an individual (student or young professional) looking to rent a room in a shared house? Then, look no further!

-Are you a professional or leisure seeker looking for a short-term stay with a private, hotel-level experience at a fraction of the cost in Sheffield in particular and South Yorkshire in general? Then, look no further!


Are you looking for a short term stay for a few months? This provides a great option for those working away from home on an extended contractor or between house purchases or when relocating town. Then, look no further

We have got you all covered!

Our serviced accommodation provides a hotel suite experience at excellent prices. They are frequently cleaned, serviced and maintained, allowing our highly valued guests a far more comfortable, content and spacious experience in comparison to your standard hotel

Unlike hotels, where you are either in separate rooms or all cramped together, elbowing each other for a good view of the TV, our serviced accommodation are typically bigger than equivalent hotels.
Our Serviced accommodations come with free Wi-Fi and with their own fully equipped kitchen, meaning you can enjoy your family’s favourite meals and don’t have to splash out in restaurants during your whole trip.
Rates are usually lower than in similar hotels. Plus, beneficial rates are generally available for longer stays so you can enjoy the accommodation with the satisfaction of getting value for money